“We’d never seen cards as intricate and beautiful as these. We sold out of 2 styles within a few days of receiving our first order; they really resonate with our customers. Every interaction we’ve had with Cards2Life has been flawless.” -Shelly C.

Cranberry Corners

“I love that the cards speak for themselves. The recipient is sure to be blown away upon opening and will know you took the time to pick out the special card just for them. I recommend Cards2Life to anyone looking for a way to send meaningful cards to the people in their lives.” -Tésa N.


“Laser-cut and hand-crafted to tell a story, opening these cards creates a memory. Look closely at each intricate detail! I couldn’t believe the swings on the Ferris Wheel! I’m not about sales pitches, but I am about showcasing amazing new products!” -Tazia L.

“When someone’s going through something big in their life, I like to celebrate with beautiful cards. These cards are pop up cards that are laser cut, hand-crafted, and absolutely stunning. They’re sure to give the reader a big surprise when they open it!” -Erin F.

Her Heartland Soul

“Overall, I love these cards! Cards2Life has so many other cards to offer and so many designs and color options! I just love what they do and the attention to detail. You won’t find this anywhere else!” –Bre B.

The Small Things


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